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About Us

CarPartsDirect.in is the online retail outlet of Red Fusion Ventures a company started by professionals related to the automotive industry from the last three generations starting in 1954. A part of Vohra Group which has various businesses relating to the automotive industry from multi brand workshops, car parts outlet, accessories showroom and car modification business.

Car Parts
CarPartsDirect.in is established to help consumers to make sure they buy genuine car parts from a reliable source. Many people prefer to get their car serviced and repaired outside the authorised service network but they fear if genuine parts are going to be used or not at these independent workshops and garages. Most of these workshops / service centres allow customers to bring parts from their own source which is where we come in. We also cater to tier II & III cities where it is difficult to procure genuine spare parts. We boast of an efficient logistics system where we guarantee delivery of genuine spare parts at your doorstep within specified time frame.

Car Accessories
We are here for genuine car enthusiast who can purchase a wide range of accessories that include car enhancing products, performance parts and car care products. From high end accessories to car detailing products we have a wide range to please all our visitors. Whether you want to buy performance air filters too boost your cars power, HID angel-eye head lights to pimp your ride and impress your mates or buy a high quality glossy wax polish to flaunt your grand-dads vintage. We have it all!

Car Tools & Equipment
We also sell tools and equipments which are hard to find otherwise. Whether you are a car enthusiast and like to get your hands dirty you need the perfect set of tools and equipments to get the job done efficiently, or if you are a workshop or a garage owner and need them for yourself or your staff we are the perfect place to deliver them to your doorstep.